January 8, 2012

Now hear my confession.

Finally time for part four of Sunday Confessions! If you want to catch up, here's parts:

31. Given the choice for a famous hook-up, I'd pick a professional athlete over a movie star any day. A baseball player in a fitted hat, a football player in his tight pants, even a hockey player with a black eye-I dunno what it about it, but I love them. Plus they clean up pretty nice, too hehe

32. I am completely phobic of vomiting. And I realize no one likes it, but it's seriously full-on panic attack inducing for me. I usually start to cry and freak out and make myself feel way worse, but I've also learned how to basically talk myself out of it-it's been a handy trick.

33. I was never a nail biter, but my worst habit is picking my cuticles. I used to do it until they were all red and raw. I've been better about it since I started getting into nail polish and nail art, but I occasionally still do it-and always regret it.

34.When I played soccer, I used to carry around 2 or 3 bottles of Gatorade in my bag, pretty much at all times. Since there was no way to keep them cold (or I just didn't bother enough to figure one out) I usually drank them warm, sometimes even hot from the sun. Now, I can't stand to drink cold Gatorade-I usually leave out to come to room temp before drinking it.

35. If I eat a meal, I usually eat all of the vegetables before any of the protein. Not quite sure why, maybe its from my mom making us eat veggies when we were kids haha

36. I could eat plain rice and plain pasta everyday. I know it's super boring and has very little (if any lol) nutritional value, but I love it lol

37. In my next life, I think I'd like to come back as a biker chick-I have a kind of unhealthy fascination with them. The bikes, the leather, the boys-I love it all. Never mind the fact that I've never been on a bike lol

38. A few years ago, a few friends and I decided to go explore an old insane asylum a few towns away at like 2 am. We didn't get very far because there was a police car stationed in front of the building (we came around from the back) and as soon as he saw us we all sprinted away. It was such an adreniline rush and lots of fun. Luckily, the cop either didn't see us or ignored us, because I was set to be at the airport and on a plane at 6am haha

39. I used to drink 3-4 energy drinks a day. I loved them! Until we discovered my friends kidney stones were due to over consumption of energy drinks-I've had maybe a handful since then and that was about two years ago.

40. I'm a crier. I haven't always been, but now I cry at the drop of the hat. Anything can set me off-a movie, a song, a commercial, people I see on the street-seriously anything. It's kinda ridiculous lol

Whew! I finally got through 40! I can't believe I have 60 more to come up with-what did I get myself in to!!!!!
Do you guys have any confessions? Spill 'em!
And! Go check out Three in Three and see everyone else's confessions!


Kodie said...

I totally agree with #31. Whenever I do surveys that ask who my 'celebrity crush' is 9 out of 10 times it's an athlete (Aaron Rodgers aka my future husband, a whole slew of other football players, Michael Phelps). I'd pick a hot athlete over a 'celebrity' any day.

Stela said...

Great confessions! I'm a total crier too!

Susi said...

Oh, I'm also a vomit phobic! Realize what a problem I have in the winter, since I work as a nurse in an overpopulated ward with the everlasting risk of stomach bug epidemics.

FASH DET Fashion Bloggers of Detroit said...

Loved reading your confessions...lol, I have quite a few of my own I need to share too.

I'm addicted to blogging and networking...I stay up all times of the night when I should be sleeping reading blogs. lol.

I saw you on Motor City Moxie's page; we are a group created for Detroit Fashion Bloggers and we have a network of 20+ local fashion bloggers. You should check out our site sometime. There's also a list of the bloggers in our network right on our sidebar.


silvergirl said...

thanks for stopping by my blog the other day
love these confessions
isn't it funny how we all have our own quirks that makes us...us

Victoria said...

what a fun idea :)

thanks for stopping by my blog!

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