December 1, 2009

Cruel professor, studying romances

They said:
"Go against the grain"
I said:

They said:
"Try something different"
I said:

They said:
"You deserve it"
I said:

When I walked in, and saw you, I wanted to turn around, pretend I had never been there.
But my feet moved of their own accord, brought me to the table. My knees bent, sat me in the chair opposite you.
You smiled.
I was hooked.

My heart told me to run. My feet stayed firmly in place.
Perhaps it was out of fear, maybe curiosity.
We talked. I laughed. You smiled. I melted.

At the end of the night, you walked me to my car.
I looked in your eyes and you slid your hands through my hair, pulled my face close to yours.
Again, my heart said no, pulled back. But my lips met yours.
You pulled away. A smile curled the sides of your mouth as I stood opposite, staring blankly back at you, wanting to run away, wanting to run to you.

I'm going against the grain.

You're different.

I deserve it.
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