November 29, 2009

In case you never see the stars.

Last night, we lost.
And I cried. I cried because I was sad, because I was disappointed.
But I kept crying because I was happy. Not that we had lost, but because I was letting myself cry, because I was able to feel.
One year of frustration, stress, and learning and loving and growing, was over.
But losing doesn't much matter, in the scheme of things.
The people surrounding me had become my family and my best friends. They inspired me and pushed me and annoyed me. They told me the truth when I didn't want to hear it, they held me when I was too weak to stand, and now they wiped my tears as I cried. And cried with me.
And I looked at the clock. 10:30 pm.
Even the crush of losing couldn't outweigh what was coming next.
No matter what happens on November 28th, November 29th will trump all.
At 10:30, I cried tears of sadness and disappointment.
At 12:01, I cried tears of joy and gratitude.

Appreciate the fireflies, baby, just in case you never see the stars...
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