June 27, 2010

We had some massive nights...

When I was in high school (God, it seems like so long ago...blah!) I was always envious of those skinny, size 0 girls who could fit into all the cute, preppy Abercrombie clothes that my, not as skinny and not size 0, self couldn't fit into. Since then, I fought my love for all things prep.

Until now.

This summer, I can't get enough of it! I think I've literally bought everything I've seen that has even the vaguest, slightest hint of nautical/East Coast/Hamptons.

It all started with this:

It doesn't seem like much... But then, I bought this...

Again, it probably doesn't seem like much, but my styles always been..well let's just say, colorful and maybe even a little...uh...out there (In my 8th grade year book, I'm wearing orange pleather pants...yeahhhh).

Maybe I'm growing up, but I'm starting love the simplicity, and casual chic-ness. Just someone please stop me before I buy some Sperry's (Or maybe not...they are kind of cute...)
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