January 26, 2012

But I can't keep my hands out of the cookie jar.

One of the benefits of working at the bakery I work at, is that we are able to take the classes we teach for free and bring people with us-which is great, because they are lots of fun! I've taken a few before, so I was pretty excited when my Grandmother suggested that her, my mom and I take one together.

She came down for the afternoon and we met up for dinner before class. The class we took was all about Jewish cookies-including how to make rugelach, my grandfathers favorite!

We made rugelach (cream cheese pastry rolled up with currants and walnuts), mandelbread (Eastern European biscotti with almonds and citrus) and apricot hamentashen (sugar cookie-like dough filled with apricot preserves).

The second best part of taking the classes is that everything is done for you-all the ingredients are provided and measured out for you, and they do all of the clean up. It's baking without any of the hassle, only the fun part! lol

The best part of it, is of course, all of the goodies you get to take home :-)

1 comment:

Laura said...

That looks like so much fun. Seriously, if that was a job perk I'd be at every single class!

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