January 9, 2012

Every single one of us, the devil inside.

Every year, even though I want January to be a month of rest and catching up, it seems like I'm just as busy as December some days! But it's all good stuff, so I can complain too much :-)

A lot of the busy-ness involves catching up with friends who I hadn't been able to see during the holidays-even some of my co-workers lol

So last night, my friend Katie and I went to grab some Chinese food and a movie. The food-delicious, the movie-not so much haha

We saw The Devil Inside....and it was decent at best.

I probably would have like it a lot more if there hadn't been so many distractions! I apparently forgot what its like to be at the movies with a theater full of high schoolers on a Friday night. Never. Again. will I make that mistake lol

After work on Saturday, I headed over to my parents to watch the Lions play the Saints. Even though the game didn't turn out like I hoped, I'm still pretty happy with how the season ended up. The Lions have made a lot of progress and it's been really exciting to watch them this year. I'm a Lions fan-always have been, always will be- but it makes it a little a lot easier to say that when they are winning. For the first time in a long while, I'm actually looking forward to the next season.

I felt kind of bad last night-we play a playoff pool at work and I drew the Saints and now, since the Lions lost to them, I still have a chance of winning some cash money. So for the rest of the play offs it's.....


How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?
Any other football fans out there?

1 comment:

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Good to know about the movie! I won't waste my money on it :)

And I'm sorry that the Saints beat the Lions (I'm a Saints fan) but I will say, you've got a cute young man as your quarterback ;)

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