January 18, 2012

I'm getting my tan in your Sunray

Every year my mom and I have the same argument discussion...

Me: I think I'm gonna go buy a tanning package soon.
Mom: Please don't. You don't need it/there's nothing wrong with being pale/you'll get cancer/it causes aging/etc
Me: Yea, I know...
Mom: Just try a sunless tanner... Please?
Me: Fine.

So I do-I do some research find one that seems decent and go buy it, thinking this time it will be different. It'll give me a nice golden glow without being streaky, or greasy, or a pain to apply.

And every time, I'm wrong. Every.Single.Time

So I inevitably end up back at the tanning salon for a month or two during the spring so that my legs aren't seen through the first time I decide to show them off

I started the whole song and dance a little early this year and picked up some sunless tanner when we were out shopping this past weekend. I bought L'Oreal Sublime..... and when I used it for the first time, I tried to keep my expectations low.

Which worked out well, because I woke up splotchy and streaky and gross. I'm going to try and even it out a little bit and see if I can get this stuff to work, otherwise I think I'm going to take it back.

So now, the question-what do you guys do? Go au naturale? Fake bake? Or do you have better luck with sunless tanner than me?

I'd love to hear some suggestions-Help a sista out!


Maggie said...

This story sounds all too similar! Every year I say I will go a year without tanning, and I just can't seem to ever stay away from the tanning salon! I really need to find a good self tanner..so when you do, let me know!! I'm tempted to go get a spray on, but it's a little too pricey and I'm nervous I'll come out looking like an oompa loompa.

Katie said...

I've never had success with self tanner, so good luck with that. But I have had pre-cancerous skin cells removed from my back/shoulder. So no more fake-baking for me!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I'm a pale and splotchy mess. I used to lay in the tanning bed, but my dad has skin cancer, so that pretty much stopped that in its tracks. If you learn the secret, let me know. I'm usually blinding people with my paleness!

Robyn said...

hmm-even when I sit in the cinema I can smell that stuff if someone is near by. au naturale for sure. hmm-might be easier for me to say that though as not blue like lots of Scots!(from weekend wander)

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