January 23, 2012

I have to bury one more thing in my backyard, once again this year during the Ides of March.

Living in a college town has some definite perks. Growing up there were always parties, there's lots of good food and resturants and lots of people in town. I have a love/hate relationship with the students themselves (why, oh why, must you walk in front of my car? The crosswalk is literally five feet away!) but for the most part its been a pretty cool place to live.

Especially when there is events on campus. Double points if said events are free.

This past Friday, some student orginization was showing a movie for free so me and my friends decided to check it out. We totally lucked out because it was a movie I had been really wanting to see!

I'm pretty sure it's going to be nominated, so I was able to get a jump start on my Oscar challenge. It was really, really good. Besides the obvious eye candy, the story was interesting and new. I know political dramas aren't exactly ground-breaking, but this one felt different than others I've seen. I know Clooney won the Golden Globe for his performance, but I would contend that Gosling was just as good, if not better. He played his character just perfectly-it was really amazing to watch. Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman were wonderful as always-they are both two of my favorite actors and they were perfect accompaniments to Clooney and Gosling.

We found out that the same student organization is showing 50/50 this week (with Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) so me and my friend made a date to go see it-I'm super excited!

(PS I'm taking a film course this semester so I'm hoping that my movie descriptions will evolve beyond just "It was good" and "You should see it" lol)

Have you guys seen Ides of March? Or 50/50?
What did ya'll think?


Katie said...

Agreed-- the acting was superb. But, overall I thought it was kinda slow. I was a little disappointed because I was so excited to see it. But, it was worth it to watch Ryan Gosling for two hours. ;)

Miranda Leigh said...

Haven't seen this movie yet, but thanks for the recommendation! I've been looking out for 50/50 at Redbox. Any idea if it's there yet? Let me know what you think!

DWei said...

I've never seen it before, maybe I should when I get some time.

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