January 11, 2012

Cause I'm fixing my hair for you. I want to be beautiful

I've been pretty unhappy with my hair lately. Not necessarily the color, or even the length. And I've learned to accept I'll probably never have too many layers (layers and curly hair just don't mix-believe me, I found out the hard way :-/)

But my hair has just been looking....blah. I know it's winter in Michigan, so some frizz and drying is to be expected, but this seems worse than normal. And my ends are just ridiculous! But really, my main problem, and I know this will sounds kind of superficial silly, is that it's just not shiney. It's dull, and boring, and blah.

I stopped washing my hair everyday, and it's helped a little, but I've been debating about going "no-poo" as in...no more shampooing.

Apparently it's supposed to restore your hair back to a natural, healthy state. I've read some "recipes" using baking soda and vinegar, light weight conditioner, or even just water. I'm definitely intrigued...but still a little hesitant.

Regardless, I picked up the supplies before settling in to watch the game last night (Roll, Tide, Roll!) and now I'm just waiting to use up the last of my shampoo and conditioner before I try it out-so we'll see how it goes!

Have any of you guys tried this? Or know anyone who has?


Mary Nevin said...

this is so funny! i just did a post about hair health, i know some people that swear by the vinegar method! definitely post the results!!

Candy said...

My sister does the no-poo and she has long, curly (and brown) hair! LOL!

I must say, I do see a big difference. She also doesn't dry her hair, she lets it air dry. It is beautiful!

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