January 15, 2012

I admit, I admit.

Hey everyone! You ready to read up on today's confessions? If you want to catch up on the past few parts you can go here: 1. or here: 2. or here: 3. or here: 4.

41. I'm now an ex smoker, but at one point, I was smoking nearly 2 packs a day. It still boggles my mind I ever smoked that much! I can't believe I spent all that money...I mean nearly $15 A DAY! So crazy!

42. I still sleep with the same teddy bear I've had since I was a month old. I take him with me pretty much everywhere-he used to come to sleep overs and camp with me and now I still take him sometimes if I stay at my parents for the night. He has a pretty creative name, too- Teddy haha

43. My hair has been basically the same style since I was in high school-long, brown and for the most part curly (though I occasionally straighten it). I've always envied girls who change their hair often, I think I'm too scared to actually change it. It's like my security blanket!

44. I got my first kiss by telling the boy to "shut up and kiss me". True story. My friend and I had sneaked out to meet a few boys in the park, including one I had a little crush on. My friend bet me I wouldn't say it, so after we had snuck away from the rest of the group, I did. And he did :-)

45. If I could be one thing, I'd be more spontaneous. I'm a definite planner-I love to know where we're going, what time, how much time it takes to get there, who's going to be there...you get the point. I've been working really hard on loosening up, but I still have a looooooong way to go lol

46. One year for Halloween, my roommates and I dressed up as people from Rock of Love-ie the Brett Michaels Dating show. My guy roommate was Brett, his girlfriend was the one with pink hair (Jess, I think?) and I was Heather, the trashy/stripper one with the 80's hair. It was pretty amusing

47. Even though I had never acted before, I ended up getting the lead in the school play my senior year of high school. The part required short blonde hair and my director actually expected me to cut and die my own! Luckily, I convinced her a wig would work and wore that-Thank God, because short and blonde was not exactly a good look for me lol

48. During my first semester at college, my friends and I used to drive around a lot and listen to music. One day, my Ipod/CD converter stopped working so we had to listen to tapes (because my car was old school lol) but the only one I had was a tape of covers done by...The Fraggles. We totally rocked it lol

49. I've been wearing heels since about middle school and I've only ever really fallen once. Of course, it was in the middle of the hall way during 8th grade...in front of everyone. My friends made fun of me for YEARS! That definitely helped me learn my lesson-practice walking in them before you leave the house haha

50. I am terrified of geese. My co-workers make fun of me for it (even though I'm still not convinced they can't kill you....) but seriously, what's good about geese? The poop everywhere (and potentially on your head-gross), they are loud and get in the way of my car. Plus, they can kill you lol

Yay! I'm finally half way done! I'm surprised I came up with so many. I dunno how I'm gonna be able to come up with another 50 haha

Do you guys have any confessions?
Spill 'em! haha

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