December 11, 2011

Take a bow and confess

Are ya'll ready for Confessions Part Deux? I know everyone is just itching to hear some more haha (You can read part one here)

11. The only fast food I eat is Taco Bell. I can't remember the last time I had fast food that wasn't from The Border. Having said that, I eat it more often than I should/care to admit lol

12. Living by myself is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've had some real horror stories for roommates (roommates boyfriend breaking in? Check. Coming home one night to find my roommate moved out? Done. Being sued by a roommate? Yessir.) Needless to say, not having anyone in my space but me, has been nothing short of glorious.

13. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure-Project Runway, Top Chef, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore. I can't get enough of it. Even though I can feel my brain literally rotting as I watch, I'm a sucker for a reality TV marathon and will spend the entire day in front of the TV (and then hate myself for the rest of the night because I feel like a horrible person haha)

14. For most of my life, I've never been called by my given name. My parents call me Panda and in high school my friends picked it up so they stopped calling me Amanda. Before that, my coach in middle school gave me a nickname and I was called Doctor or Doc. Now, the people I work with call me Snooki. A few old roommates also nicknamed my different personalities: Mamus, Mamzor the Wicked, Manus and Manquifa.

15. Since I've been in school, I changed my major no less than 10 times. Communications, journalism, business, teaching, facilities management, culinary, neuroscience...and back to communications. I'm a tad indecisive :-)

16. I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance. I broke my ankle playing soccer when I was in middle school and during the exam, ie when the doctor was touching all the broken bones, I laughed. I told him I was ticklish, and he looked at me super confused and asked if my ankle hurt. I just kind of shrugged lol

17. I've had five concussions- 1. Fell down stairs in elementary school, 2. hit my head on the bottom of a pool, 3. got dropped on my head crowd surfing at a concert, 4. fell and hit my head on the bathtub, 5. got cloths-lined plating soccer.

18. I don't have many nerd obsessions, but Harry Potter is the biggest one. I've read the series a few times through and been to all the book and movie midnight releases. Last summer, I took a trip to Chicago by myself to see a Harry Potter exhibit at a museum. Love love love me some HP

19. I have a pretty filthy mouth. I know when to be quiet, but the f-bomb is in my daily vocabulary. I've been like that since I learned the words in fifth grade lol

20. Lil Wayne is one of my biggest celebrity crushes. I know he's like almost as short as me and has gold teeth, but I just find him irresistible.

Do you guys have any confessions?

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Karly said...

Ah ha ha, the only thing I like at Taco Bell are the chips and cheese. Best.cheese.ever. My favorite place is Taco John's, which they do not have down in Phoenix and it makes me CRY.

And you need to stop hitting your head against things!

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