December 27, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

So Christmas seems to have calmed down a bit and I finally feel like I can breathe. I thought I'd give ya'll a peek into what a bakery looks like around the holidaze, i.e. what my life has looked like for the past two weeks.

In the past two weeks I haven't:
  • done laundry
  • cleaned my apartment
  • adhered to my GF diet (and man, am I feeling it!)
  • been to the gym
  • cooked a meal at my apartment
But I have:
  • watched a lot of movies (no energy to do much else when I wasn't working lol)
  • worked 16 days straight
  • ....and that's about it haha
And now, for some pictures!

Lots of coffeecakes and brownies (most of the stacks are about 2 feet taller than me)

Cakes, fondant decorations (see the mushrooms for buche de noel?), some moon pies and more brownies

We fill two full size semi freezer trucks with our pastries, here's one of them

We also use two full size portable storage containers to store racks...and usually run out and have to run around town collecting from our customers haha

We make breads as well, but I wasn't able to get any pictures in the department-they were too busy and I didn't want to interrupt.

I hope you guys had a good holiday!
Have ya'll recovered from the holidays yet?

1 comment:

Ajax said...

Holy Busy, girl!! Wow. Way to bake!

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