January 25, 2012

By the numbers, by the numbers, reading the signs in everydays figures.

I saw a post like this a while back on Katie's blog and I thought it was such a great idea so....I thought I'd do it too :-)

Here's my life, by the numbers...

357286704397602 = number of cheese, meat, vinegar and olive oil copy I've typed up at my internship in the few weeks (note: this one may be slightly exaggerated...but only slightly)

160 = retail cost of everything I bought at the VS Semi-Annual sale last week

50 = the amount I actually paid! Woohoo!

1 = number of days this week I Snooki'd it up at work and rocked a freakin' poof.

10 = number of days till my birthday!!!!!

3 = number of times I woke up last night...ugh

6 doz = how many cookies I brought home from my baking class (seriously, sooooooooo many!)

2 = times my car has been in the shop this week :-(

Waiting for my car to get done...the first time.

1 week = how long the big bosses are out of the office... party time lol

So that's my life by the numbers....
What does your life look like?

1 comment:

Al said...

Oooh I love this idea :) A few things...
1) Baking class?? No way! I'd LOVE to take a baking class. They probably don't use avocado, huh? ;)
2)Happy Early Birthday!!!
3)I keep waking up too! what the heck - I feel like only old people can't stay asleep, and yet I haven't slept one night through since getting back from Turkey. Hmmmm...
4)Sorry about your car - nothing is worse than car trouble (and now I'm saying a quick prayer that my car gets me to and from Syracuse again today!!) Hope it is all fixed and well again!

I've been a bad friend and have not gotten over from my insanely packed GoogleReader to comment on all the things I LOVE reading from you :) It's my February resolution!!


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