May 14, 2012

If you never hurt, you never feel a thing.

A few weeks back, after Jimmy and I saw the Revival Tour, I did some research on it and found oiut a few of my favorite artists had been on the tour at various times, just not when they came to Michigan. Tim Barry had been on earlier in the year and after stalking his website, his solo tour was announced and he was coming to Michigan!

So I dragged Jimmy with me (I say dragged, but I think he's starting to come around to the music I listen to... lol) and we went to Hamtramack to see him play.

Katie Grace and Jenny Owen Youngs opened up for him. I really liked Katie Grace-she just seemed so excited to be playing haha You could tell she really enjoyed what she was doing, plus we got to talk to her between sets and she was super sweet! Jimmy really liked Jenny Owen Youngs-in fact, I'm pretty sure he downloaded her album when we got home lol 

When Tim Barry came on, he immeadilty, grabbed the mic, jumped off the stage and came down into the crowd to perform the first few songs.

He got back on stage to perform the rest of the show and it was amazing! I saw him a few years back when he opened up for the Gaslight Anthem and he was just as good as I remembered-not only is he a rally good story-teller through his songs, but in between he loves to talk about anything and everything, it really makes for a great concert experience.

He played lots of my favorite songs- especially most of his new album 40 Miler (he even explained what that means...apparently, it's a term about someone who rides trains for fun, not exactly the nicest term lol) and 28th and Stonewall, my favorite album of his. He even played Prosser's Gabriel, even though he was hesitant to play it. I just love that song-he's so passionate about the song and the story and it really comes through when he plays.

He played for almost two and a half hours, so we were pretty exhausted by the time we got home but it was totally worth it!

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