July 18, 2010

Now does anyone know the name Gabriel Prosser? My conscience says he's the one that history missed.

Went on a first date earlier this week. Blah-I dislike first dates, especially ones like this. He seemed really sweet and nice and I was even over looking the fact that he was young (not young exactly, but my age, which is young for me). He was late...And not just five minutes late. No, late by like almost 40 minutes late. And we went to Qdoba, which, while delicious, isn't exactly first date material in my book. On top of that, he didn't even offer to pay! I would have actually overlooked all of that, but I wasn't really attracted to him (too short :-/ ), so it was kind of an all around bust. C'est le vie, right?

After we got done, I had some time to kill before meeting up with one my friends so I went to my favorite store, AKA Target. And just what do I find but these beauties...

I needed a new pair of wedges and for $13, I couldn't say no! Plus they are like 4.5 inches, and I love me some (artificial) height.

So then I walk into work the next morning to a nice little surprise on my desk.

What's that you say? You don't see anything special about this plain black shoe box? Well don't they always say "It's what's on the inside that counts?"

Well it's totally true!

GAH! How effing cute are those! A woman I work with brought them in for me because they didn't fit her. So she gave them to me. For free. Um...these shoes cost $400 (I only know that because the price tag is still on them!) I have no idea what I'm going to wear them with, but trust and believe I will find something and it will be FABULOUS!

Been apartment hunting a little bit this week, to no avail. I'm putting a halt on it for a week or so, so that I can settle down and relax and let things happen, instead of me getting all controlling and messing things up.

The concert on Thursday was amazing. Although my ears just stopped ringing yesterday and my body is still a little sore from the pit-I'm getting old ya'll! (Yes, I totally just said that and I'm only 22-kill me now lol) Tim Barry and The Whigs were the opening acts, both of which were pretty sweet. Hoping they come back to town soon-would love to see any/all of them again.

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