July 12, 2010

She said if heaven's hypothetical, and if the cigs keep you warm, Then how's she supposed to think about how it's gonna move in the morning?

The ex and I were supposed to take a mini-vacation this coming weekend that is, obviously, not happening any more. And, actually, I wasn't all that upset because if we had gone on the vacation, I'd be missing these guys in concert.

They're called The Gaslight Anthem and they are kind rockabilly/punk/rock with a little hint of Springsteen thrown in for good measure. (I'm not sure if you can tell, but the one all the way on the left, the bassist...is gorgeous. The last time I saw them, I was front row...right in front of him. For almost three hours. I almost died I was so happy. Mmmm...yummy)

So due to the canceled trip, I'm able to go the concert I've been dieing to go to, which is pretty awesome, and I've been literally begging everyone I know to go with me, because it's in downtown Detroit and my parents don't want me going alone (understandably, I suppose). I'm even buying who ever ends up coming with me their ticket. I'm like, for reals desperate.

So today, I'm minding my own business, checking out tickets and what do I see? A new band has been added to the line up. But not just anybody...oh no.. it's these guys...

The Hold Steady!!!! AHHH!!! I've been dieing to see them live for years, but they always seem to pass by Detroit when they tour. Not nearly as swoon-worthy, but the lead singers voice is to. die. for. I love their lyrics. Drinking, drugs and this lovely juxtaposition of anger/reverence towards Catholicism.

"I've had kisses that made Judas seem sincere"
Think about that one for a minute.

Or maybe...

"They say you don't have a problem
until you start to do it alone.
They say you don't have a problem
until you start bringing it home.
They say you don't have a problem
until you start sleeping alone."

Um...that's my life. In that song.

So things are looking up, I guess. I'm seeing a few apartments this week. Not really expecting anything to come from it, but it's kind of fun to look :-)

Also, I got tickets to see the Tigers on August 6th. Now, I just need to find a cute guy to bring with me hehe

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