May 25, 2012

It's Friday, it's Friday

Dear Tigers Baseball, tonight you're looking good-don't blow it.

Dear People Who Use Hashtags Incorrectly, you don't need hashtags on Facebook, nor do you need 72843472 for every picture you post on Instagram. Let's get it together.

Dear Bathing Suits, I'd like to find some middle ground between teeny-tiny porn star two piece and full on grandma. Why is this so difficult?

Dear People At Work, we're all adults, right? So why, for the love of God, can we not make it in the toilet?!?!?!

Dear Weekend, I'm glad you're here. I missed you-I take it you feel the same.

Happy Friday, ya'll!


1 comment:

Emily said...

Oh I seriously agree with you about the bathing suits. It's so annoying trying to find a good one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your title and layout!

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