May 29, 2012

It's a family affair, it's a family affair

We started off the weekend with lots of family stuff before the Memorial Day stuff. On Saturday, Jimmy's dad came into town for his 50th birthday so his family got together for dinner. After dinner, Jimmy and I went up to the driving range before meeting up with his dad, brother and his girlfriend and one of his cousins to watch the UFC fights at Buffalo Wild Wings. (Can I just say I do not get that "sport"? It's soooo violent!)

I was more than a little tired at work the next day (hence, the coffee and large sweet tea lol), but after work, we went over to my parents for dinner and ice cream. My mom and I even convinced Jimmy and my dad to play Euchre! It's actually quite a feat, so we were pretty happy :-)

After dinner, Jimmy decided to play with his smoker and make some jerky so me and Madison hung out outside and played with bubbles (more on my gigantic bubble fail later this week :-/). It was a nice beginning to the weekend, which was even better because I didn't have to work Memorial Day-since, I work in food service, that's pretty rare so we were looking forward to enjoying some holiday fun!

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