May 6, 2012

We're living in a dolce vita, this time we got it right.

Ya'll ready to play catch up? haha I've had somethings to post but have kinda been in a blogging funk-I'm still kinda feeling it, but I'm just going to do what I want, when I feel like it. No pressure to post every day or anything like that. If it happens, great. If not, that's cool too :-)

A few weeks back, Detroit held its restaurant week and a bunch of my customer were participating so I really wanted to go-unfortunately, they were all booked solid! We work with some pretty popular places I guess lol I looked through the rest of the menus and decided on La Dolce Vita.

Driving there, we passed it three times-it's sooooo hidden! It's on the out skirts of downtown, so not a lot of places are around it and the entrance is in the back so the only thing visible from the street is a tiny sign that says "LDV". After a view tries, we finally found it!

We pulled around back to the *the* smallest parking lot ever...that still had mandatory valet. Seriously the parking lot was only big enough for about 10-15 cars. When he went to get our car after dinner, he sprinted...for about 7 feet. It seemed a little unnecessary, and slightly comical, but nice, I guess lol

From seeing the building on the outside, I never would have guessed what it looked like on the side-lots of ornate decorations and paintings, definitely suit and tie type of place, and the descriptions that I saw calling it "romantic" were right on :-)

Dinner was delicious! I definitely want to go back another time and try out their full menu (plus they have a cute outdoor seating area that was calling my name lol)
calamari with marinara - portabella mushrooms with balsamic reduction
honey and mustard glazed salmon - mahi mahi with artichoke hearts and capers in lemon cream sauce

The best part of the meal was by far dessert though! All of the desserts are handmade by the owners wife - Jimmy had a canolli and I had tiramisu....I about died it was so good!

If you're ever in Detroit and looking for a nice place to eat, or even just get some drinks and dessert, I would highly recommend La Dolce Vita!

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Hopelessly Hopeless said...

I've been stalkerish reading your blog for awhile after reading something you posted on Kelly's Korner. I like it because I live in Metro Detroit and it's fun to see what others in the area are up to!

I just went to LDV on Sunday when you posted this! Their brunch was out of this world! I was a little hesitant when the hostess said "If you hit Deja Vu, you've gone too far." We also passed by it three times before noticing the people in the courtyard behind all the trees. Everything we had was fantastic though and we talked about going back for dinner so glad to hear their dinner menu matches up to how phenom the brunch one is!

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