May 4, 2012

Goodnight, Hollywood boulevard. See you sometime, Yeah, right

Have ya'll heard of the Five Year Engagement? It's got Emily Blunt and Jason Segel? Well, if you haven't you should go check it out-it was totally filmed at my work (well partly! lol)

In the film, the actors work for the deli/bakery I work for and they filmed "on location" haha

A production company contacted the company I work for and wanted to use our name in the movie, along with shooting some of the scenes here. So basically for one whole day of work, they were shooting. It was pretty cool! We got to watch them film a couple scenes, in between doing my regular work. I really wanted to take pictures, but they didn't want anything to get leaked so we weren't allowed :-( They had our whole parking lot taken over with trailers and right in front of my office window, they were doing hair, make up and costumes-so cool!

Along with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, Brian Posehn is in the film and all three were walking around. Every time I saw them, they were working and I didn't want to interrupt so I didn't get to say hi :-(

But when they were wrapping up, I saw Brian Posehn walking around and I really wanted to say hi!
(Just in case you didn't know who he was lol)

So I walked up to him, and said "hi", but even though it sounded really loud in my head, I must've whispered it, because he just kind of looked at me and walked away haha

Only me, right!?!?!

So moral of the story, go see the movie! And if you are ever in Ann Arbor, stop by, grab a sandwich and a pastry and say hello!

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