May 30, 2012

It’s Memorial Day in America, everybody’s on the road. Let’s remember our fallen heroes. Y’all be sure and drive slow.

Since the business I work in is open 363 days a year, I was pretty excited when I was able to take Memorial Day off-Jimmy and his daughter were both home so I was excited to spend the day together!

We started the day off with some Coney Island breakfast and some shopping before it got to hot out (it reached like 95*!)  

After we got back from all that, I started cooking and Madison did some drawing. (Ever since we went to my parents a few weeks ago, Jimmy has been raving about my mom's potato salad so I made it for him. It's actually my grandma's recipe and I was pretty impressed with myself at hoe it turned out! He wouldn't even let me eat the leftovers because he wanted them to take to work lol So I consider that a success :-)

We did some more lounging around then we went down to the pool to cool down. It was amazing! I'm usually not big on pools or swimming, but I have a feeling I'll be spending some time down there this summer lol

Eventually, we came back and started to cook dinner-yummy steaks and potato salad and I made a patriotic dessert lol

Our food coma kicked in, so we just laid around for the rest of the night and watched Maddy do puzzles...

No, really, that's how she did her puzzle... lol

 Hope you guys had a relaxing Memorial Day!

So what if I was the only one who did sparklers? lol

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