May 7, 2012

Your daddy told you when you were a girl the kind of things that come to those who wait.

So I have a lot of lists of "___ to do before I die" - most of them are sports related, i.e. see all the major league baseball parks, attend an Olympics, go to an oversees soccer match. There's also "places to see before I die" - Ireland, Australia, Israel. But one list I've been lucky to cross off the most entries from is "bands to see before I die" - there were some, like Dashboard Confessional, that seemed really important at the time, and they aren't as important now, but I'm still glad I saw them but some like Bruce, Elvis Costello, Matthew Sweet, are bands and performers I still love.

Fountains of Wayne was on the list. And I'm happy to say I was able to cross them off!

When the concert was announced, I was debating about buying tickets because Bruce Springsteen tickets went on sale the same day and I kenw I would probably have to choose, which seriosuly broke my heart. But then! My dad offered to buy one, and I could buy the other, which was awesome. But even awesomer? My dad buying my whole family tickets to both shows so we could all go together!

We all met up before the show to have dinner at this place my dad has been talking about months - Howe's Bayou. If you like Cajun food and you're in the Metro Detroit area, check it out!

on the left is my catfish po'boy and on the right is was out peach cobbler-YUM!

After dinner we walked down the street to the Magic Bag to see the show!

My parents stayed in the back while my brother and I made our way...where else...up front, to see the opening act and mess around with instagram haha

Nicole Atkins opened up and I really enjoyed her-she had a really beautiful voice!

Then it was time for Fountains of Wayne!

They played a few of my favorites - Little Red Light, I've Got a Flair, Hey Julie, A Valley Winter Song, Radiation Vibe, Red Dragon Tattoo, Sink to the Bottom - but no Leave the Bike, unfortunately :-( Maybe next time haha

Do you have any bands you want to see?
Any other "before you die" lists, or am I the only morbid one? lol


Hopelessly Hopeless said...

Definitely just posted on the LDV post before seeing this -- Howe's Bayou is one of my absolute FAVORITE Metro Detroit restaurants! They have some fantastic dishes there and I feel like you can't go wrong with anything you order.

You just might be my Metro Detroit foodie twin ;)


Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Yum! That catfish po' boy looks amazing :)

And I have lots of ______ to do before I die. I'm also dying to take a trip to Ireland. I just know there are more freckled and pale folks out there, and I think they might be in my homeland :)

Glad you were able to cross Fountains of Wayne off your list!

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