April 15, 2012

Because the night belongs to lovers, because the night belongs to us.

Remember a few days back when I said that March was boring? Well, April has been anything but! I was feeling some live music withdrawals and between the concert I saw last weekend and the concert I saw on Thursday, I would say I've been fully cured (though I have another show next week! Yippee!)

I had been looking forward to this show for months-ever since tickets went on sale and my dad got them. No matter that this is the fourth time I've seen them in concert...

Cause really, can you ever seen Bruce Springsteen too many times?

No, no you can't.

My mom, dad, neighbor and I all headed up to the Palace after work on Thursday which, if you've been, is not exactly a fun drive. But totally worth it!

Like I said, this is the fourth time I'd seen Bruce and the second time seeing him at the Palace. Out seats were in the upperdeck, on the opposite side of the arena from the stage. They were pretty good, especially considering we were pretty much dead center.

We could see everything, but unfortunately, we were too far for any decent pictures so these were the only ones worth sharing. I took a few more, but they didn't really turn out. It was kinda nice actually, because I just put my phone away and enjoyed the show.

Bruce played for a little over three hours and it was amazing - there's really no other word for it. He played lots of stuff off the new albums (which I love) including opening with We Take Care of our Own and Wrecking Ball, then Death to My Hometown, Jack or All Trades, We Are Alive, Land of Hope and Dreams and Rocky Ground sprinkled throughout. He played lots of crowd favorites as well - Badlands, Youngstown, Born to Run, Thunder Road, Dancing in the Dark, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. My Mom's favorite album got some love too with The Rising, Waiting on a Sunny Day and My City of Ruins, while my dad enjoyed some songs he's never heard Bruce perform live in the 6 times he's seen him- Candy's Room, Trapped, She's the One, Incident on 57th Street.

There's two song that I love that rarely get played live so I was holding out hope that I would hear at least one of them. Not only did he play both (!) but he played 41 Shots into Because the Night. I about died right there!

It was the first tour without Clarence, but his nephew did a great job filling in - it gave me chills when he played the sax solos on Thunder Road, Badlands and of course, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. They also had a tribute video to him that they played which was so sweet.

One of the highlights was when Bruce brought a little kid up to sing the chorus of Waiting on A Sunny Day. He was adorable! And at the end of the chorus, he yelled out, "Play it, E Street Band!" and the entire band picked right back up-so cute! Then he and Bruce did a slide across the stage-the entire place went wild!

The past few times he's gone on tour, my dad has said that it's going to be the last. And every time, it's not. So my dad said it again, especially after how deep he was going into his catalog, that this was probably going to be it. I really hope he's wrong again!

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