April 14, 2012

I left my dear old home for a distant land to roam.

Last Saturday, when Jimmy and his daughter stopped by my work we decided we wanted to go out and have a date night, but weren't quite sure what to do. Jimmy got online and found some live music, so we went downtown to check it out, even though neither of us had an idea of what to expect lol

He really likes the Alkaline Trio so he was pretty excited to see Dan Andriano on the line-up. We pretty much thought that it would be like the Alkaline Trio-punk/pop-ish. It ended up being nothing like we expected! It was definitely more folksy and definitely right up my alley!

They played for almost four hours and it was great! Jimmy was a little apprehensive when he saw the stand-up bass, violin and mandolin, but he ended up really like it-in fact, since last week, he's bought at least one album from everyone we saw that night!We seriously had the best time-good music and better company. Pretty much a perfect night!

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