April 7, 2012

I'm scared shitless of what's coming next.

I've seen this on a few blogs a few times and it always looked like fun, so I thought I'd give it a try...

If you were coming over to my house for coffee, I'd tell you about....

All of the changes going on at work and the giant ball of anxiety it has turned me into. Multiple people have reminded me that the outcome of these changes will more than likely benefit me, but that doesn't ease my fears completely.

That even though all the change has me in knots, I've gotten some ego boosts along the way and my adrenaline is kicking into a high gear, which is making me super productive. I guess there is an upside.

About all the big plans I have for this summer. I cannot wait for the nice weather, and cool nights, and pretty dresses, and grilling dinner. And baseball-lots and lots of baseball.

How happy that boy is making me. Honestly, he's just so kind to me and funny and cute and sweet and....I could go on but I'll stop. Just know that it's good-he's making the work drama bearable.

That despite all the uncertainty at work, my life is really, really good. I can't think of one thing I would change. What a blessing.

If you came over for coffee,
what would you tell me?

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