April 13, 2012

One morning when Pharoah awoke in his bed, there were frogs in his bed and frogs on his head.

Last week, my family and I went to my grandparents to celebrate the first night of Passover...
It was fun, if relatively uneventful, but at the kids table (yes, I was at the kids table) we decided to continue the tradition of Passover Haikus....

No soup spoons
Passover dinner is off
But what else is new?

Jews can't have nice things
Historically speaking
I mean, c'mon, man

No China for you
Kids table makes a comeback
But I'm 24

Cousins own table
Amanda cracking up
Are we still age 10

Passover seder
A family tradition
We had Sonic

Needless to say, we kept ourselves entertained haha

The nest morning, I got the sweetest Easter basket from Jimmy and his daughter

So sweet!

I had to work, so the three of us went and got some breakfast before I had to leave. A few hours later, they stopped by and visited me at work so I showed them around the bakery. It was kinda fun to show off my office haha

I know this is late,
but did you guys have a good Easter?

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