April 23, 2011

Dig down, dig down the lost and found, nothing green can gather on a rollong stone.

This week seriously flew by. I'm pretty much kind of exhausted but this week things should calm down and I'll hopefully get a day to recoup.

The week before holidays are always really busy for the bakery, and Easter was no exception. The good thing about that is that our sales are way higher than expected, and we are well on our way to getting our end of the year bonus, which would be super exciting!

Monday night was the first night of Passover, so we all headed over to my grandfather's house for dinner. It was probably one of the weirdest dinners I've ever been to-my cousin kept yelling randomly during the readings, my aunt was rapping, my grandmother was almost in tears. Awkward.

The people at our seder were not nearly as happy as they are haha

But our family tradition is that we all write haikus about the dinner so these are what we came up with...
My Aunt Beth's
Seder was delicious
It was almost perfection
There were no soup spoons
(my grandmother was so upset no one let her know we were using teaspoons to eat our soup. None of us even noticed we were sans soup spoons.)

My Cousin Haley's
Afikomen: Found.
But way too soon for Judi.
Maybe I'm too old?
(My grandmother was also upset that Haley found the Afikomen before my grandfather asked for it. I'm pretty sure she raised her voice and Haley just laughed because it was so unexpected haha)

My Uncle David's
Grape juice I'm not quite sure
Rapper's Delight wasn't quite
Late night pizza good
(Me and him argued all dinner about whether it was wine or grape juice because Manichewitz is so sweet you can't tell. Also, my aunt busted out Rapper's Delight and it was...awkward.)

And mine...
Wax in my water
I cannot drink anymore
I'm very thirsty
(A candle fell out of the holder and the wax got in my drink but I felt so bad about all the nonsense going on, I felt bad asking for a new glass of water)

It really was the most random, awkward, dinner I've been to in a long time.

But it was topped by the one I went to the next night! (ugh)

I got invited by a friend to his family's seder, which was very sweet and I was actually looking forward to it. But when I got there I saw a bunch of people, who I know, but am not really friends with so that was awkward. Then dinner took 4 hours, and the person leading it was taking forrrrrrrrreverrrrrrrr! He also kept telling me my family traditions were wrong! Um, what? haha But the worst was that at the end of the meal, everyone left. Meaning all the dishes from this 20 person dinner, which were stacked to the ceiling, were going to be left for this kid to do himself.

Like this x2144654354364...for reals

I felt bad and stayed to help, which meant I didn't get home till almost midnight-I was exhausted.

Wednesday wasn't too bad-my co-worker brought in her 1 year old daughter for a meeting we were having and needless to say, I didn't pay much attention to what was going on but me and the baby had lots of fun playing!

I headed home to do some packing after work because I am house sitting this weekend and in to next week for a co-worker while she goes out of town. She has two kitties so I'm staying with them untill she gets back. Her house is sooooo gorgeous-she's travelled all over the world and has the most amazing collection of art, and sculpture, and china, and books, and just everything. I'm gonna snag some pictures and post them later :-)

Friday was my brother's 19th birthday so my family went to get some sushi and some ice cream.

My baby bro asleep on our grandpa's boat

After dinner I headed out to see a friend who was in town for the week. I was soooo excited! We worked together and she trained me when I first started at the bakery, and even thought she annoyed me to no end back then, she ended up being of my closest friends and I've been missing her something fierce since she moved. But she came back for a week and a bunch of co-workers met up to hang out and catch up. It was a lot of fun! I work with some pretty cool people and it's always nice to see them outside of work :-)

All the girls...plus Gary (P.S. I'm not that pale-me and flashes don't mix lol)

After that I stopped by the bowling alley to say goodbye to another friend who is moving to Louisville at the end of the week. We used to be super close, but unfortunately have grown apart :-( Even though were not as tight as we used to be, I didn't want him to leave with out a good bye so I stopped by and left pretty quickly as I was trying to get "home" (where I'm house sitting) before the thunderstorms hit.

I had every intention of sleeping in this morning, but the cats woke me up at 7am so I headed to the gym before work and now, I'm about to get off make myself some dinner and go to bed-such an exciting Saturday night! haha

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Kate Weber said...

Haha, sounds like good time! I loved the haikus! Especially yours. It made me smile!

I'm new to your blog! I found you on FTLOB and can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog as well!

Simply Kate

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