April 5, 2011

But there ain't nothin' wrong with the way she moves, all scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues.

In all reality, it's been a pretty mundane week for me. But for some reason, I felt really really really good this week. Like "I woke up happy and smiling" good.

I think a lot of it has to do with my acceptance about moving on from certain people and situations. Seriously, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. I'm not going to dwell and just try to move on and be happy with where ever I end up and who ever is there with me :-)

In an effort to put all that into action, I hung out with some new people this week. I've known a lot of them for a while, and some I've hung out with before, but not in a while. We all sat around and watched Survivor, which I haven't watched in like 5 years and I am now of course hooked! haha I'm looking forward to spending some more time with them and watching Survivor this week-yay for ladies nights!

The work week was pretty blah, but my two days off were full of errands and lots of running around. Thursday I got up and di my grocery shopping-which involved going to the produce market, then Meijer's, Kroger's and Target! But I only spent like $60 total so I was pretty happy about that!

Friday, I had to come to a meeting at work and after my meeting I had to meet with a HR rep because I'm joining the safety committee! Basically, the safety committee just tracks what accidents happen, files accident reports and tries to keep everyone safe. Nothing too exciting but I'm looking forward to it! I have to get certified to teach a safety class, and I'm also getting certified to teach a service class so this summer will be filled with lots of not quite work work stuff. But I get paid for all of it, so I can't really complain!

I also had to drop some stuff off to my aunt and stopped by TJMaxx which is out by her house. I'm really looking for a new purse and just can't seem to find anything I love! I already have a yellow Steve Madden, so I'd like something orange or green, maybe even pink or red. But everything just looked kind of cheap and nothing really stood out to me. Oh well-guess I'll just keep looking lol

Friday night, I picked my mom up from work and we got some delicious korean food from a place called Kosmo's downtown. It was so good and even though we split everything, we were both so stuffed! I worked out extra hard on Friday and got up Saturday before work so the splurge was worth it lol

It was the anniversary of my grandpa's death so we met my dad at temple for services. It was such a great service-really small since it's summer, but really beautiful. I'm such a sap, but sometimes the songs bring tears to my eyes haha The sermon was perfect too-all about a part of Leviticus and the rabbi (who is newto our congregation-I love her!) talked about mourning and how the people surrounding the person who's mourning have a responsibility to help the mourners get adjusted to a new normal and how important community is in times like that. She was much more eloquent then I, but it really spoke to me and my mom. Just so perfect for everything that ahs been going on lately.

I worked out five times this week and am thinking about jumping on the 30 Day Shred wagon. A lot of people have had such good results so it's seriously tempting me. I'm going on vacation the first weekend in May and even though it's not some exotic location that requires bikinis and short shorts, I'd like to go shopping before hand and buy some new things to wear, but I'd like to look good while doing it so I'm really pushing myself this month to workout, eat right, sleep well, and my new thing-drink lots of water! I'm trying for 32+ ozs a day, which means I'm in the bathroom often but I'm hoping my skin and my energy levels will thank me!

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