April 11, 2011

Sometimes I dream of Willie Mays, and the wind dies down, and the sun comes out, and the scoreboard works, and the fog lifts.

A few random things from this weekend I forgot about...

In between my morning meetings and meeting up with my parents on Friday, I was able to enjoy watching the Tigers Home Opener!

After my meeting, I headed back to my place for my special opening day lunch of a brat with caramelized onions, because I'm a dork and wanted to feel like I was at the ball park! haha

The Tigers ended up winning, which was a nice change of pace considering they've been not playing so well lately. They are 3-6 so far, and I'm hoping they will be able to pick up the pace here soon!

I was back to work for Saturday and Sunday, but on Sunday I headed over to my parents house to watch gold and to have my dad to help me with my taxes. It was sooo nice outside-I think it got up into the mid-70's which is almost unheard of for Michigan in April. It was so nice to have the windows open and to be able to drive with the windows down, bumping my Lil' Wayne haha

I finally did my taxes and found out I am getting a pretty big refund which is amazing! I'm going to pay off the last of my debt, and put the rest into savings for if when something happens. Although, I'm sure now that I have money for emergencies everything will be smooth sailing! lol After I finished up my taxes, my dad and I watched the end of the final round at the Masters. I entered a bracket pool for the tournament, but unfortunately, didn't win any money (they pay out for first was $2000!). I had a couple different ways I could have won, but no one I picked to win played very well on Saturday or Sunday. Except Rory McIlroy and the poor kid just imploded on the back nine :-(

We're getting into the final stretch of the semester right now, and I could not be more ready! I had a paper due yesterday that was due at 11:55 pm, and I wasn't even sure what I was going to write about until 7:30 am! Luckily, we were pretty slow at work and I was able to finish it by the time I left, so all I had to do was take it home, make a few corrections and send it in. It ended up being pretty good to be honest, and even better considering the fact that I wrote it in about 8 hours!

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