April 4, 2011

When it's love you give, then in love you'll live.

Happy Wednesday ya'll! Let's see What I'm Loving this week!

I'm loving that I won my bracket pool! I think there were like 50 people entered and my Huskies pulled through and got me $400!

I'm loving the weather! I know I say it all the time, but I'm so thankful for the sun and that it's supposed to be almost 70 this weekend-woo hoo!

I'm loving that I'm winning my first fantasy baseball game-which happens to be against my dad and makes the win that much sweeter :-)

I'm loving Ice Cream Time! Ice Cream Time is the ice cream place by my house and is officially open! I celebrated with a Dirt Sundae last night hehe

I'm loving Snooki on Wrestlemania-I'm not a wrestling fan, but I love Snooki! My co-worker sent me a clip of her "performance" last night:

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday ♥


Anonymous said...

I won my bracket pool too!! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on your win! That's awesome!

asj said...

$400 bucks, that AMAZING! congrats, I'm jealous - I was second in mine...

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Ice Cream Time sounds like my kind of place!

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