April 15, 2011

You just popped in the Kanye West Get right for the summer workout tape.

I've really been trying to get into shape, watch what I eat, work out, etc. I started this saying that I didn't want to lose weight necessarily, I just wanted to feel better (but who am I kidding, losing weight will most def make me feel better!).

And while that's true, I feel like I should keep track of what I'm doing-I'm not going to weigh in or anything, because numbers take the fun out of it for me, and really just depress me.

I think I'm going to do a weekly recap, so I'll just to write down what exercises I did, what I ate, what days I make my water goal, just to keep track of what I did.

I really only get weighed when I go to the doctors so when I have my next appointment on May 19th, I'll see if I've actually made any progress :-)

(I should also mention everything is homemade unless I point it out :-)


Monday: Slept in-oops!
Tuesday: 30 mins on elipitical, 8x15 tricep presses, 4x10 row/rear deltoid
Wednesday: 30 mins arctrainer, 8x15 back extension, 8x15 torso rotation, 5x15 abdominal crunch, 6x15 abcruncher
Thursday: 30 mins arctrainer, 8x15 hip abduction, 8x15 hip adduction, 8x15 glute, 8x15 calf extension
Friday: 15 mins pilates/yoga, 35 mins hip hop dance


Monday: Breakfast-1 packet Blueberry Instant oatmeal, Snack-grapes, Lunch-Chobani Greek yogurt, Chicken Salad Sandwich, Snack-100 cal pack almonds, dried apricots, Dinner-Sloppy Joe, ~7 tortilla chips, 1/4 moon pie
Drinks: 32+oz water
Tuesday: Breakfast-oatmeal and 1 egg, Snack-grapes, Lunch-Hard boiled egg, Chobani Greek yogurt,Banana, 1/2 plain, dry bagel Snack- celery, cucumber, broccoli (throughout the day), 100 cal pack almonds, dried apricots, Dinner: Calzone with ricotta, mozzarella, spinach, pepperoni, Jell-O French Silk, Misc: small piece thin crust pizza
Drinks: 6 oz milk, 32+oz water
Wednesday: Breakfast-homemade oatmeal bar, oatmeal and 1 egg, Snack-maple cookie, Lunch-hot dog, peanuts, Dinner-pasta with yellow squash, zucchini, spinach and mushrooms, piece of cake
Drinks: 6 oz milk, ~30 oz water, Starbucks Passion tea/lemonade
Thursday: Breakfast-oatmeal, 1 egg, Lunch-half portion chicken and vegetables, rice, egg roll, (all ordered in) Snack-brownie bite, Dinner-cornflakes, banana, Snack-ice cream
Drinks: 6, 0z milk, 32+oz water
Friday:Breakfast-oatmeal, 1 egg, Lunch-chips and salsa, banana, pasta with pesto and olives, Dinner-Burger with onions and bleu cheese, Snack-Jell-O Strawberry Cheesecake and pretzels
Drinks-32+oz water

Usually, I'll do Saturday through Friday, but I started this on Tuesday and had already forgotten what I did on the weekend haha

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