April 22, 2011

You can do side bends or sit ups, but please don't lose that butt.

Week 2

Saturday: 30 mins arctrainer, 8x15 tricep press, 6x15 row/rear deltoid, 8x15 pulldown, 4x15 chest press
Sunday: day off
Monday: 30 mins arctrainer
Tuesday: 20 mins treadmill/intervals, 8x15 tricep press, 8x15 row/rear delt, 8x15 pulldown, 4x15 chest press, 4x15 fly
Wednesday: (unexpected) day off
Thursday: 20 mins treadmill/intervals, 6x15 abcoaster, 8x15 back extension, 8x15 torso rotation, 4x15 abdominal crunch
Friday: 20 mins treadmill/intervals, 8x15 hip abduction, 8x15 hip adduction, 8x15 glute, 8x15 calf extension, 8x15 leg curl, 10 mins arctrainer

Saturday: Breakfast-oatmeal, 1 egg, Snack-banana, piece of strudel, Lunch-broccoli with tzatziki sauce, chicken and rice (leftovers from take-out), homemade oatmeal bar, Dinner-chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese, caprese salad, pickle, Snack- Jell-O Double Chocolate
Drinks: 32+ oz water
Sunday: Breakfast-bagel with cream cheese, Snack-banana, celery and brocoli with tzatziki sauce, Lunch-pear, Chobani Greek Yogurt, piece of foccacia, Dinner-cheese ravioli, Snack-angel food cake, chocolate whipped cream
Drinks: 12 oz black tea, 32+oz water
Monday: Breakfast-oatmeal, 1 egg, Snack-dried apricots, almonds, banana, Lunch-ham sandwich, apple, half hummingbird cupcake, Snack-angel food cake, chocolate whipped cream, Dinner-Seder (egg, matzoh, horseradish/apple, brisket, kugel, broccoli, cauliflower, half piece cake, raspberries, pineapple, blackberries)
Drinks: 12 oz Coke, ~30 oz water
Tuesday: Breakfast-oatmeal, 1 egg, Snack-IKEA soft serve (no cone), Lunch-matzah pizza, Snack-Chobani Greek yogurt, banana, Dinner-seder #2
Drinks: 8 oz iced coffee, 4 oz grape juice, 25 oz water
Wednesday: Breakfast-matzah w/ cream cheese and jelly, Snack-piece of chocolate/orange flourless torte, Lunch-Banana, Caprese Salad, Dinner- Greek Salad, Matzah toffee, Snack-hard boiled egg
Drinks: 8 oz coffee, ~25 oz water
Thursday: Breakfast-matzah with peanut butter and nutella, Snack-apple, matzah, Lunch-chilli (from work), matzah, Snack-Chobani Greek yogurt, dried apricots, 100 cal pack almonds, Dinner- Taco Bell (oops)
Drinks: 12 oz milk, 30 oz water, 24 oz Sprite
Friday: Lunch-bowl of CornFlakes, Snack-Matzah with nutella, Dinner-Miso soup, edamame, sushi, Dairy Queen Mini Blizzard (for brother's birthday)
Drinks: 6 oz milk, 8 oz green tea, 24 oz water

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