April 23, 2012

Got a lot of catching up to do.

 Now that Instagram is available for Android, I'm pretty much obsessed. I've been busy and busy taking pictures, so here's a little pic dump of the past few days

--A present found at work, still not sure what it is--Taxes done!--
--Lots of rain-- Jellybeans are my favorite part of Easter 

--Four wheeling is more fun than I thought--More rain--
--Three trips to Target in as many days--I need caffeine--

--Playing BINGO at the bar--My prize--
--Cannoli pudding--sleeping boy--

--Clouds--late night Slurpees--
--Apparently, I like taking pictures of the sky--

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melody-mae said...

I have an EVO do you know the name of the app you use? I want to check it out asap! :)

Al said...

Ok, so I have a story about the death of my android coming to TJ soon...

With that being said, before it kicked the bucket, I was getting HOOKED on instagram. And now I'm without. Damn addiction. :)

Love to you!!

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