March 29, 2011

Is this love, is this love, is this love, is this love that I'm feelin'?

Well, it's Wednesday so let's see What I'm Loving with this kind of love. (that was a lot of "w"s!)

I'm loving Bob Marley Radio on Pandora! It has been the perfect music for the sunshine-y weather we've been having (even if it's still a tad chilly!)

I'm loving the two new cans of tennis balls I bought yesterday morning. Is there anything better than the smell of new tennis balls? No, there is not haha

I'm loving that I bought 8 pairs of new earrings for $6! Thank you Target Clearance section :-)

I'm loving my new Twitter! I've had an account for a while but never used untill this week and I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of it! I'm @AFreund2-follow me (even though I'm not super interesting! haha) and I'll follow you back!

I'm *still* loving March Madness! I thought my bracket was tore up from the floor up, but apparently, I'm one of the final few people still left in my bracket pool and if UConn pulls through I could be $400 richer!

I'm loving this commercial-seriously, it cracks me up everytime!

Hope everyone is having a *lovely* week ♥


Chelley N said...

Thanks for the comment! Yay for Target clearance and March Madness!!!

Greer's Gossip said...

Oh my goodness, the smell of a fresh can of tennis balls makes me so happy! :) Glad to know I am not the only odd ball out there!!! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

Kit said...

What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!

Jen said...

Isn't Pandora great?

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