March 13, 2011

'Cause I got your picture, I'm coming with you. Dear Maria, count me in.

I can't believe I lasted through *every single one* of my co-workers catching the cold/flu and didn't get it until now! Ugh!

It started on Friday with a sore throat that I didn't really pay attention to, since my mom and I were going to a Bat Mitzvah that night that we were looking forward to. But then I woke up on Saturday and my throat was on fire, my nose was running and just all over icky.

I got some cold medicine and went to bed sleep at 8:30 last night so I'm feeling a little better, although I'm losing my voice which is tres unattractive, especially when my job is 95% on the phone haha Hopefully this is all gone soon!

In other news, I did some running around on Friday...literally. I went to get my tire (finally!) and grabbed some coffee while I was waiting, which doesn't sound that bad, but I haven't had coffee in about a year so I was totally wired all morning! I went to Target and got these cuties:

They were a little bulky, no no wearing them to work-but I think they are super adorable otherwise! Yay for pay day! haha

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