March 7, 2011

And I'll find strength in pain and I will change my ways. I'll know my name as it's called again.

This past week was a pretty eventful week, some planned and some not so much haha

On Wednesday, I had an interview for a marketing internship. It would be with the same company I work for now, but for a few months this summer, I would work with a different department, along with working my regular job full time. I was supposed to hear back on Friday if I got the position, but no word yet-so fingers crossed!

On Thursday, my brother Sam and I headed out to Plymouth to see GirlTalk.

We got there at 7, and doors didn't open till 8, so we stood outside in the 20 degree weather and nearly froze to death. Literally, by the time we went inside, my skin was cracking everytime I moved-it was THAT cold. Luckily, it paid off because we ended up being at the front of the crowd. There was a bunch of d-bags not so nice people by us, all of whom got kicked out of the show by the end. Junk Culture was the first opening act. They were pretty sweet-just a DJ, a kid playing drums and a projector. They were pretty good, but the Max Tundra, who was the second act to go on, was super hype.

There was a lot of drama in the crowd which definitely contributed to the negative vibe at the beginning of the show. Some girl even tried to start something with me because I was dancing too close to lame. Luckily, most of the people causing the drama got thrown out so the show ended up being much better.

GirlTalk came out and had like 30 people up on stage dancing, his hype men were throwing balloons and confetti and toilet paper into the crowd, just being crazy. There wasn't a ton of room to dance because there were just *so many* people, but I made it work. I was definitey sore the next day, but it was totally worth it :-)

While I was at the show, my freshman English teacher sent me an email asking me to house sit for her while her family went out of town this weekend. I called her back the next day and went to pick up the key before they left. On the way there, my car started making kind of a funny noise. Since I had just got my brakes fixed, I thought maybe something I was hanging down from under the car and hitting the wheels or the tire-rod, since it sounded like kind of a "thud".

That night my friend Dan and I chilled at thier house (and by chill, I mean we watched Lizard Lick Towing, which is the best show on tv, played Crash Bandicoot on PS2 and ate Mr. Pizza-basically the best Friday night ever) and since my car sounded about the same as earlier, I figured I'd talk with my parents about it the next day. So I stopped by their place on the way to work and mentioned that I was going to take my car in on Monday.

On the way home from work, I called my mom to ask her if she could take a look at my car and at the noise it was making. Not even 3 minutes later, my front driver side tire came off...while I was driving!!! Luckily, I wasn't on the highway, I wasn't going too fast (since it was snowing) and there wasn't much traffic right then. I pulled off to a side street and called my mom. We got towed to the same place that fixed my brakes last week because, obviously, they didn't put the tire back on correctly.

Luckily, they are paying to get it fixed and they are giving my dad money to cover to tow I had to get to the shop. A couple friends heard what happened and called to see how I was doing-such sweet friends :-)

They ended up putting the spare on because they have to order the tire, so I am able to drive it and just have to bring it in later this week to get my new tire.

I don't have anything much planned for this week-so let's hope it stays that way haha

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