February 16, 2012

We gonna come together, we gonna celebrate, we gonna gather round, like it's your birthday.

My sweet friends hosted a belated birthday party for me this past weekend and we have sooo much fun!

After I got out of my internship, I ran over to my friends house so we could start setting everything up-ie lots of food!

I brought some pimento cheese (aka "crack cheese") and made vegan chocolate fondue-yum! We made lots of yummy food including empanadas, spinach pies, buffalo tofu bites and so much more-I just kept eating because it was all so good!

My friend also surprised me with a gluten free cake! So sweet!

I still have some left and I've been eating it all week hehe

I was having too much fun at the actual party to take pictures, but it was basically a repeat of the ugly sweater party (minus the Christmas decor haha)

By the time I left I was pretty tired but it had started to snow and ice over :-( My sweet friend Gary scraped off my windows and car so I wouldn't have to sit and wait for it to defrost (cause I was too tired/cold/lazy to get out and do it myself haha)

Do I not have the best friends ever?
Love them!

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