February 15, 2012

One thing's for certain, the devil's a person. Met him at the riverside Perkins, bedsheets for curtains.

Dad: I'm gonna tell you about this, but before I do, I'm just going to say...you can't go alone. You have to find someone to go with you
Me: Um... ok.... what is it?
Dad: Craig Finn is playing a solo show in Detroit
Me: Oh! Oh! I wanna go!
Dad: Uh-huh...
Me: Are you sure I can't go by myself?
Dad: *rolls eyes*

He gets a little freaked out when I go into the city by myself haha

So, as a birthday present to myself, I figured I'd just by ticket and figure out who was going to go with me when it got closer. Luckily, one of my friends had the night off, so we headed out to the city to see the show.
The show was at PJ's Lager house which is in the Corktown part of the city, kinda by old Tiger Stadium. I had never been there, but was kinda surprised by how small it was once we got inside. It reminded me of an old record store I used to go to with my dad in high school-really intimate and kinda old lol

I didn't expect there to be an opening band, but there was-they were called Mount Moriah. They were like a folk-y/roots rock type-chill but good. The girls voice was beautiful-my friend Katie (who went with me) and I both decided she should just go solo lol

It was about this time that my feet started to go numb. Why do I torture myself and wear my new shoes places where I'm going to be standing, uninterrupted, for about 5 hours? I'm a sadist apparently haha

Luckily, the wait and the pain were worth it. I had seen The Hold Steady (who Craig Finn fronts) a few years ago so I knew he put on a good show and I was not disappointed in the least. Lots of talking and joking and good music-can't really ask for much more.

I mean, they have a steel guitar- 'nuff said.

And my favorite picture of the night...

Quintessential Craig Finn.

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