February 26, 2012

Follow me, everything is all right.

I probably should've posted this earlier, but I'm a little slow with tech-stuff lol

Since Google is getting rid of GFC (boo!!!!) I figured I'd offer a few other ways for people to connect to my blog

You can follow my blog:

on Facebook here

on Feedburner here

on Bloglovin here

on Networked Blogs here

Also, you can follow my personal Facebook or Twitter and I post updates there as well.

Sorry this is so late getting up, but March really snuck up on me!

How are you guys handling the transition?
Let me know so I can keep up with ya'll!

1 comment:

Al said...

OK, I heard if you have blogger, than GFC wasn't an issue. It was only if you had something like Wordpress that it would disappear. Now I'm nervous...better go check this out...hmm...

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