July 17, 2011

We aren't scared of your masks or your cloaks, 'Cause we are wizards and our hearts are filled with hope.

I make no bones about the fact that I'm a Harry Potter nerd. Everyone I work with knows it, all my friends and family do- I have fully embraced that aspect of my nerdiness. But I think even everyone who knows was a little surprised at just how excited I was to see the movie on Thursday.

I was seriously squealing with delight.

I even did my nails for the occasion

I've gone to pretty much all of the midnight shows, and I knew I wanted to go this time to so I bought my tickets a few weeks ago *just to make sure* I was able to get them before the sold out.

After a quick nap and a stop to pick up some snacks my mom and I (because she's the best and comes to midnight releases with me) headed to the theater, where we had to wait for a good 45 minutes before the even let us in, and then another hour before the show starts.

At least there was good people watching. Seriously, I know I'm a nerd, but some people take it just a tad to far haha

I pretty much had tears in my eyes for the entire second half of the movie. Even though I knew what was happening, I was still crying haha

I ended up really liking the movie, a lot more than I have the past few. I thought it was true to the book, which I really liked and the scenery and music were all so beautiful. I'm actually really sad to see it be done, though. I've been reading the books for 10+ years and I have a lot of really good memories attached to Harry Potter. I'm excited to reread all the books though, which I'm sure I'll do more than once, because I'm most definitely a nerd haha


smallgirl said...

Your nails look amazing! Glad you enjoyed the film. I have yet to see the last 3, but I absolutely loved the books and all this HP buzz is making me want to read them yet again!

Remy said...

I love the nails! I'm more of a fan of the books myself, I only saw the first three or four movies with my Dad ans then kinda sorta lost interest in them once they started turning 'dark' as it were. I can't really explain it, but the last few didn't really appeal to me.

Vapid Vixen said...

The other HP blogger fans have been giving it rave reviews as well. Is it a complete travesty that I have yet to read a single one? I may have to remedy that.

Adrienne said...

Oh man. I haven't been keeping up with the last few movies. I haven't even read the books, I know I am a terrible person! Hahah.

I would really love to read all the books one day, they're just pretty intimidating, you know?? LOL. I also want to sit down someday and watch all the movies in a row... I think it would be super fun, so I think I will wait to watch the new one until I can get it on DVD or something!!

Have a great day!

Jenny Stephens said...

I am also sad that it is all over... :( Your nails look STELLAR by the way!!!

Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

TexaGermaNadian said...

We are going tonight, I can't wait to see it. Nice nails, btw. They look great! Thanks for stopping by my blog with the birthday wishes and to enter the giveaway :)

Sarah said...

PLEASE leave a post for us who are nail-stupid and cannot do nails as AWESOME as that!

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