July 10, 2011

Every night it's fireworks, all I see is fireworks, taking off like fireworks.

They had met the summer before last, but both were seeing other people and what began as simple flirtation stayed that way for two years. From time to time, she considered calling him, just to say hi, a few times she even picked up the phone. She felt like such a cliche putting it back down, but always did anyway. He and the girl he was dating were pretty serious, not to mention that fact that she was gorgeous, and funny, and so sweet it was impossible to dislike her.

Now summer was in full swing again, and she couldn't help but think about him. As her friends and her traveled north to Lake Michigan, she promised herself she wouldn't think about him the entire weekend. She was there with her friends, and they were going to get her undecided attention-no getting distracted by what's obviously not meant to be. Still she allowed her self to day dream, as she rested her forehead against the cool window and let the soft hum of the motor lull fer to sleep.

She awoke with a start as a friend opened the car door so quickly she nearly fell out. But soon enough, a beer was in her hand and she was enjoying catching up with people she saw far too infrequently. The day passed quickly and the bikinis and beach volleyball gave way to burgers on the grill and eating at the picnic tables. The sun stayed for the party as long as possible, as it seems to do during those summer nights, but eventually it hid beyond the horizon and everyone gathered on the shore to watch the fireworks.

She stumbled along the shore line, looking for where her friends had set up camp, as the sun dipped lower and lower. She heard the first blast of fireworks and finally set sights on her friends. But before she could make it to their chairs, someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her into their lap. She figured it was just one of her friends, pulling her down so she didn't block anyone's view of the show. She turned to face her friend but pulled back when she noticed him.

She hadn't seen him all day, maybe she had blocked him out, but here he was. And here she was on his lap. At that point all the liquid courage from the day kicked in, and she leaned to kiss him. He met her halfway and when their lips touched, it took her breath away. She froze, yet melted at the same time. Quickly, she tried to get up and leave but he put his arms around her and they watched the rest of the show together.

They walked back to the cabin hand in hand, and he instinctively followed her inside, laying down next to her just like she had always imagined. He put his arm around her and laced his fingers in hers, and she fell asleep quickly, anticipating waking up next to him.

The sun peaked through the windows and she gingerly opened her eyes, rolling over, expecting him to be there. But her arms met nothing but the sheets. As she woke up a little more, she heard his voice coming from outside the room.

"Hey, baby. I miss you, too. I can't wait for you to get here. I'll be waiting. I love you."

His footsteps led to the door, which creaked open and close again all too quickly. She pulled the sheets over her head and willed herself to go back to sleep, or at the very least, willed the tears to stop rolling down her cheeks.

In response to the prompt at The Lightening and The Lightening Bug-
Flicker of Inspiration #7: Baby, You're a Firework


Amanda said...

Visiting from Comment love, your blog is really cute!

Jen said...

Oooh, men!! They can be so dumb sometimes...and always heartbreakers until you find the right one.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Dude, I so want to slap him! Jerk. I have known men like him...haven't we all? Those that lead a woman on just because they can.

I totally felt for your main character. I loved her slight inner conflict as she was pulled into his lap. She couldn't fight the inevitable. We never really can, can we?

Excellent job with the prompt!

J. Ross said...

Really nice, a very strong emotional carpet-pull there at the end. I think it's a pretty relatable story, although I of course would never do such a thing...

Vapid Vixen said...

ARGH!!! No! That was not what I was expecting. Well written. I enjoyed reading it. :)

Kelly said...

What is up with him? Nice build up. I didn't expect that ending.

May said...

The main character is very likable and I found myself wanting a happy ending for her. I was pulled through the piece with anticipation and then very disappointed in the male character and sympathetic with the female.

Small concrit...a couple typos in the second paragraph...undivided rather than undecided and her rather than fer.

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