May 28, 2011

Look out, Mom, look out, Mom. I never want you to be foul ball fatality.

The final day of our trip we piled into the car and headed to the last stop on our baseball vacation-Akron, Ohio to see their Double A team, the Aeros.

Before we got to the park, my brother wanted to stop at a comic book store to celebrate National Comic Book Day.

My mom and I tried to explore the shops around, but all we found was a sad dollar store and a pharmacy. This trip was not exactly the best for shopping haha

When we got to the ball park, we went to look at the shop to get some souviniers and there were two players sitting outside signing autographs.

Out seats were on the third base line again, and since the park is so small, there were tons of foul balls! There was also lots of little kids watching the game and it was fun watching them scramble to grab all of them haha

Of course, it started raining again so we ended up moving under the over hang behind home plate. It only sprinkled a little but, it was a pretty nice view. We also saw one of *the most* bizzare things I've ever seen at a baseball game (my dad said the same thing and he's been to waaaaay more than me so it must be crazy!)

The manager was arguing balls and strikes with the home plate umpire and it was getting pretty heated-he turned his hat around and was all red in the face from yelling. The umpire ejected him after this, but the coach just kept going! After arguing for a bit, he went into the dugout, but came out with a bat and a batting helmet, telling the umpire to "try and hit the ball." We thought it was done, but then he stood on the opposite end of the plate and outlined the strike zone in the air for the umpire, ya know, just in case he wasn't sure lol Finally, he covered the plate up with dirt and left the field-it was crazy! I couldn't believe the umpire stood there and listened to him rant for that long!

We finally left the game and grabbed some food on the way out of town. When we finally got to Michigan and were able to pick up Michigan radio stations, we heard about Justin Verlander's second no hitter-crazyness! I still remember where I was for his first one (I was waitressing and watching on the big screens as I walked in between my tables. Once the 7th inning rolled around and I saw he still didn't have a hit, I told the hostess to stop seating me so I could watch the end of the game! ha!)

All in all it was a pretty nice vacation-a perfect break from work and it was nice to spend time with my family. I had a great time in Pittsburgh and would love to go back!

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nikki said...

hello, found your blog through ftlb. that coach sounded mad!! lol we dont have baseball in england, we love our footie and think our managers can also get a bit crazy, no way would the ref listen though, they get kicked out and made to sit in the stands! ha xoxo

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