May 22, 2011

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow

Pittsburgh is only about a 5 hour drive from Detroit so we hit the road after the game and got to Pennsylvania about 9pm. We stopped outside the city to get some dinner before heading to our hotel.

We stayed at the Omni William Penn, which was right downtown Pittsburgh.

By the time we got there, I was exhausted! Between sitting in the sun for the game and the long drive, I was beat. I don't think I was even in bed for 10 minutes before I passed out haha

The next morning, I got up and went to the gym at the hotel, which was so nice! I was worried since some hotel gyms are kinda "eh", but this one did not disappoint :-)

We're during a fitness challenge at work so I wanted to make sure I got my points (especially since I knew I wasn't going to be eating right!)

After my workout, I ran up to the room, because we were leaving for breakfast in approximately .2423523 seconds. So I took a crazy fast shower, got dressed and ran down to the lobby, which by the way, looks likes this:
We went to Pamela's in the Strip District for breakfast.

My mom wanted to eat at places that had been featured on TV and this one was famous for not only breakfast, but their "crepe style" pancakes. And oh, my lord, were they good. I got an amazing omellete (chorizo, salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole-delicious!) and we got some pancakes to split. It was all soooo good! In fact, next time I go back to Pittsburgh, I'm definitely stopping by here again! I should also mention that my brother got Croissant French Toast...French toast, made with croissants and drizzled with honey syrup. It was heavenly.

(I totally forgot to take pictures because I had a sleep hangover, so this isn't our but ours was about 10x more packed with food, and those are the pancakes on the corner-yummy!)

After breakfast, we headed to The Andy Warhol Museum. I knew that I was going to like it (I love museums, love art, love Warhol) but I was surprised but *how much* I liked it. They had lots of great information and lots of his art work. They had really great pictures and a really amazing multi media presentation of all his films and art work. There was also a room filled with "Silver Clouds" which was one of his interactive pieces and my mom's favorite part.

You just stand in the room and the "wind" blows the "clouds" around-pretty cool!

In a few years, they are opening up his time capsules (they are archiving it all right now) and I definitely want to go back to see everything that he collected.

The museum is right next to PNC Park so we headed over there to grab tickets for the game that night before getting back in our car.

Last time I was in Pittsburgh, my friends and I rode the Duquesne Incline, and when I told my family about it, they wanted to try it out as well. So we headed over there and rode the incline up to the top. I have to admit, as great as the view is going up/down, I still get a little scared! I'm a wuss, what can I say? haha We took a little walk and looked at houses when we got to the top and took some pictures, before heading back down.

Me and my lil bro.

My parents.

My dad checking out....

the view from the top-it was a little cloudy :-(

We were all hungry by this point, but couldn't decide where to eat, so we did the sensible thing...and just got ice cream! I had found an ice cream place that looked cool so we stopped by there and got "lunch" haha.


It was an old fashioned ice cream shop-so we had hand made chocolate coke and cherry coke, along with ice cream and milk shakes. You can't really beat ice cream as a meal, right? :-)

We tried to get my dad to get the Super Bowl Sundae, but he wasn't having it haha

My dad and brother headed back to the hotel to take a nap and my mom and I went to the Macy's right down the street from the hotel to look around. It was HUGE! Seriously, I'm pretty sure it took up the entire block and was like 17 floors or something ridiculous like that. We didn't end up buying anything but it's always fun to look around.

When we got back to the hotel, we changed real quick before heading out for the game, but since this is super long, I'm going to do another post for that haha

(PS Ever since I found out we were going to Pittsburgh, I was planning on using that lyric as a title. Me = Nerd haha)

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