November 21, 2011

Ooooh riding Daphne.

Last week, my friend Katie and I made the last minute decision to go see Russel Brand do stand up...and I'm sooooo glad we did!

Tickets had been on sale for a while, but I wasn't sure I wanted to go, so when a Groupon for half off tickets showed up the day before the show-I finally made up my mind and got them!

He was performing at EMU's Convocation Center so we met up, got some dinner and went to see the show!

There was a few contests in the area to find comedians to open up for him, so two guys from U-M performed. They were decently funny, but sitting in front of us were some brothers from one of the guys fraternitys who ended up being almost as entertaining as Russell himself

He was seriously *so* funny! I loved him in Get Him to The Greek, but I've always been kind of on the fence about him because I can't stand his wife haha

His accent just made everything better and he actually seemed like a pretty decent guy-he even came down off the stage and into the crowd to meet people. He was raunchy and hilarious and disgusting and I just loved every minute of it! Plus, I didn't realize it, but he's pretty hot! lol

I'm so happy we went!

Unfortunately, the frat guys in front of us didn't feel the same way. The one in front of Katie fell asleep and kept almost hitting her knee as his head fell backwards-we seriously laughed for ten minutes at this poor kid.

Luckily, he didn't need to feel too bad, because his bro fell asleep too, so they could cuddle together haha

The best part was when the first kid woke up and the tried to make fun of the other one who was still sleeping...seriously, bro? haha


Katie said...

Hahaha-- those dudes are hilarious. How do you fall asleep during russell brand??

lisa from insignificant at best said...

LMAO! The pictures of the sleeping guys are hysterical! Despite how funny Russel Brand was, I know my sense of humor and those two would've been the highlight of my night! Awesome.

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