November 17, 2011

The crow flies straight, a perfect line.

When I was in high school we used to play "Eff. Marry. Kill" so I was soooo excited when I saw The Vintage Apple was hosting a link up!


Basically, you choose three male celebrities and then you have to decide which of the three you would...well, eff, marry or kill make disappear, it sounds less violent haha

Since I'm catching up on my DVR today and have three episodes of Sons of Anarchy to watch, I figured I'd pick three of those guys to play with...I just have a thing for boys on bikes ;-)


Opie-Yea, he's a little crazy and pretty grungy, but I feel like those could add up to a fun night... Plus, his voice....yum.

Marry...Jax-no questions asked. He seems like he's got his head in the right place (for the most part), is genuine and, obviously, looks pretty good with his shirt off hehe

Kill...Clay-Now, it's not that find him to be terribly unattractive...but he's just been so horrible this season! So. away he goes!

Who would you
Eff, Marry, Kill?

Go link up with The Vintage Apple and Blonde...Undercover Blonde to share yours!


Heather said...

Ohh, I've never watched Sons of Anarchy before! Based on the pictures, those are solid picks!

Victoria said...

my dad watches this show...they all seem scary to me lol

Cole said...

I'm so behind on my SOA this season!!! I totally agree with your choices. And have you seen the actor that plays Opi when he's cleaned up? H-O-T!!

Anonymous said...

Totally with ya on Jax! He's a cutie!

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