November 20, 2011

And I still miss you.

The top of the jewelry box was open, each piece on display. The collection of jewels and metals each catching and reflecting the light in their own way.

She had gotten lots of jewelry over the years-necklaces from ex-boyfriends, her mothers pearl necklace, a wedding ring that graced her finger from the love of her life.

But her favorite pieces were not on display for everyone to see. She kept them hidden in a small box, tucked away in her nightstand.

She rarely pulled them out, but today she was missing her.

Searching through the books, and pens and papers, she pulled out the small, flowered gift box. Removing the top revealed her grandmothers cameos- so many different sizes, shapes and pictures. All equally beautiful.

She took the one from the bottom, a dark metal frame, attached to a long chain. The picture showed the profile of a woman, her hair pulled back, looking lovingly at the flowers in her hand.

Fingering the raised image, she set the rest of the contents of the box down on her bed, and walked over to her desk. A pile of "Thank you" cards sat to her left, some needing to be written, some just needing a stamp.

I should be finishing those, she thought. But instead, she continued staring at the cameo.

Her mind wandered to all sorts of places-What did you wear this with? Where did you get this? Which was your favorite?

A glint of the diamond on her ring brought her back to reality. She looked again at the stack of cards next to her.

Would you have worn one to my wedding?

She fought the lump in her throat, put down the cameo and picked up a pen.

With a sigh, she began to work on her "Thank You" cards and tried to push the lingering questions out of her head.

This post is in response to a prompt at The Lightning and the Lightning Bug-photo prompt!


TriGirl said...

Stopping by from Comment Love day. What a great piece! I now wish I had a cameo to wear...they're so classic :)

Have a great Sunday!

lisa from insignificant at best said...

Love this. You painted a wonderful picture. I could feel the love she felt towards her grandmother and the sadness from missing her. Extremely well written! Thank you for sharing!


Ross said...

Here from Comment Love Sunday! Hope your weekend was great. Really well written post.

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