November 7, 2011

Everyday is like a blank canvas. You know you can paint it anyway you want it.

I've been meaning to put this up but I'm lame and forgot haha

A few weeks ago I won an awesome giveaway from Ashley at Illuminated He{art}. She's a super talented writer and artist, mama to the cutest little girl and just pretty much awesome.

I won one of her beautiful canvases and was so excited to be able to show it off in my new place!

The picture doesn't really do it justice- it's mixed media and I'm just in love with it!
Close up

If you're in the market for some art, or just want to check out a really sweet blog (and her adorable daughter) go say hi to Ashley!


Amanda @ New Adventures said...

Its always so fun to win giveaways! I just won a Victoria's Secret gift card and I can't wait to spend it!

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous picture. And I see what you mean about the photograph of the whole thing not doing it justice. I love the lines of print interspersed with the red paint.

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