November 14, 2011

Heaven is whenever we can get together.

As soon as the holidays arr8ive, my life seems to get super boring. It happens every year-I mean, it makes sense considering in a few weeks I'll be too exhausted to do anything but work and sleep so I think I kind of psych myself up for a few weeks of nothing...but doing nothing early haha

But this week, I tried to get in some last minute fun before the Holidaze completely take over.

During the High Holidays, our temple always rolls out the new exciting things happening in the coming year, and this year there was one that caught my eye, so I joined a book club!

This past week was the first meeting, and even though I was by far the youngest one there, I really enjoyed it! We read a book about Heaven that was pretty interesting and even though I didn't speak much, I enjoyed just listening.

I'm really excited to read the next book and looking forward to going back!

After book club was done, I met up with a few friends to get some drinks-normally, not something I'd do, but I'm trying to cram some last minute fun in while I still have the energy!

We went to a few bars downtown and played pool. Before we started, I was talking about how when I used to be good, I was able to hustle pool, but as soon as we started I couldn't make any shot! Seriously, every. missed! But, of course, as soon as we decide we're done, and I start messing around, I hit everything perfectly! Guess karma was telling me I shouldn't brag lol

Wednesday, I attended a lecture at the local community college. I felt like a total nerd, but it was really interesting! A professor I'd had a few years ago was speaking about her sabbatical that she just returned from-she traveled to Egypt, Israel and Palestine. She was even in Tahrir Square during the uprising! She is an amazing woman and shared some really touching stories and photographs-I was really glad to be able to go! If you want to see some of her photos and stories, check out her blog-I just think it's fascinating!

Unfortunately, I didn't really get a day off this week, because my one day off was full of meetings and my second day off, I spent doing my new internship! I'm seriously enjoying it so much! The environment is so great and the people are too-I'm just loving it and feel so blessed that everything worked out so I'm able to do it!

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