November 9, 2011

I feel the life, Oh I feel love.

I haven't linked up with Jaime at this kind of love for a few weeks so I thought I'd show ya'll What I'm Loving today!

I'm Loving Yogi Tea! Seriously, I've been addicted to the ginger tea for like 3 weeks and I just bought a box of the caramel bedtime tea that is delicious! Yum!
Plus they have cute little sayings on the tags that I just love lol

I'm Loving Jalepeno Cheetos. I rarely eat them but when I do...oh out. My mom and I ate an entire bag in the time it took us to drive home from Target (hence no picture lol)

I'm Loving that it was my turn to fill the candy box at work! My mom told me no one would like the candy I bought, but I liked it so I bought it anyway, because that means more for me! Althought maybe that's not a good thing...

Case in point: There used to be some Dots in here...but I ate them all

I'm Loving Shea Moisture curling products. I've been using the same hair products for *years* but recently read a review of this stuff and decided to give it a try-I'm still getting used to it, but so far I really like it! Plus it smells good and leaves my hair sooooo soft!

What are ya'll loving today?
Go link up with Jaime and see what everyone else is loving!


Holly said...

Ok now I think I need to make a pit stop after work for some Jalapeno Cheetos haha. Yum!

d'Artagnan said...

I love yogi tea too! I especially like their peach detox. So good!

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