September 13, 2011

Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever, that you've been gone.

I feel like I just imagined you in my bed. Your hands running through my hair as I laughed nervously. I'm trying to convince myself to be content, to be thankful you were there at all.

But I'm greedy. It's been too long and I want you back.

There was always an excuse- the timing, the place, this girl, that boy. But we always came back to each other. The excuses are gone- now its just me and you and years of waiting.

Are you scared? I know I am, so I don't blame you. Just come back. Come back and we'll talk. Because I'm not scared when I'm with you.

Was I dreaming when you pulled me close? When I reached out to touch you, like I've wanted for so long, was it even real?

I've wanted this for so long. We both have.

There's nothing in our way.

So what's stopping us?

1 comment:

May said...

As always your words take me back. Why is it that some relationships linger just out of reach?

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